developed to serve you, better.

an initiative by Frei Design Studio ©.

A critical stage to be a better business.

Made with the consumer in mind, especially Entrepreneurs and SME’s, during the world-wide crisis time of Covid-19.

Many individuals have wonderful business ideas, but do not have the capability or resources to bring it to life.  Through the years I have learned that clients struggle greatly with original and impactful names for their businesses.  Frei does this best.

This initiative further aims to solve that problem; by enabling you to buy a ready-made business concept/logo to build a brand around, with lasting influence and attraction. Following a purchase, together we can find clarity around your brand and build your dream business.

All names, concepts and ideas are the Intellectual Property of Frei Design Studio and have been developed in-house after careful consideration, research and thought processes. Re-production of any part(s) hereof, is a criminal offense and strictly prohibited.

Getting to know the In’s & Out’s when purchasing your ready-made logo;

  • Each logo and concept will only be sold once, to guarantee the buyer complete exclusivity.
  • Logo customisation is 100% possible.  Any amendment(s) to the name, colours, and details will be billed for at my standard design rate.
  • Building and expanding your brand, from added business cards, newsletters to a website, is easy.

Simply tell me what you need extra and I develop it.  The standard service rates will apply.  (Rates available on request).

  • Each logo concept contains different elements, therefore pricing of each logo-pack varies.
  • Included with each logo purchase is a (free) business domain registration, as seen on each page

+ PLUS one free email account set-up to get you ready for business.

I don’t see anything here that fits my business idea/industry, but really need a logo?

Not a problem.  Frei Design Studio’s full-service offering covers all of your branding needs, to help free your business into the world, whether new or established. Find more information here.

Why are the ready-made logo’s sold at a much lower rate than a freshly-made or re-make branding package?

Think about going to the Department Store to buy a suit of the shelf vs. booking an appointment with a Tailor to get a custom suit made, just for you.  The price will never be the same.  Apart from a price tag, it is all about the process, personal time and devotion,  exclusivity and expertise that add to the experience, before you get to wear your suit.  An invaluable, one-of-a-kind item that only belongs to you.

Much the same way, these logo’s are bought off the shelf, pre-made with the aim to help those who have a lingering business idea, but don’t know how to get it off the ground or these concepts will ignite the birth of a new business to someone without an existing idea. They are ready to serve. Ready to inspire you to dream bigger and see a bolder picture. They are just the beginning of what could be wonderful things.

Now, start shopping.