the brand reviewer

A freeing-service, since 2020.

A critical stage to be a better business.

All too often I see wonderful businesses out there, sadly not looking the part. The spontaneous reaction of any individual (whether you have knowledge of a good brand or not), is ignorance. To not remember their name. To not even consider the (good) business that they are doing.

Leaving a potential client lost. Regardless of your industry.

The solution is quick and simple.

You need your brand reviewed.

A 60-minute assessment of your brand is all it takes;

What you look like. What you do, how you are doing it and the things that, at first glance, are not working for your brand. (Do you even have a brand?)

How are you communicating, what’s your message? All the touch-points, i.e. your website, social media pages, print media, marketing material etc. will be analysed.

Then what?

Frei Design Studio will submit a report with suggestions on how to improve & move your business in the right direction, via a strong brand.

But why? You are being judged by your brand look and feel.

Your brand is the first touch-point & leaves your audience with a long-lasting or non-impactful impression, that will determine if you win their business or not.

How? Seriously reflect on all the feedback you will be given, free yourself & let’s work together to establish a brand with impact and longevity, through one of my Branding-Services; the Freshly-Made or Re-Make Package.

But, I already have branding in place?

Not a problem. The problem is it might not be living up to 2022 standards anymore & would need to be analysed with a fresh pair of eyes. (That is why I have the Re-Make package on offer too!)

What will it cost?

Book The Brand Reviewer service at the special price of R1500 per review, for one business.

The best suited branding package will then be suggested, to get you flying to new heights this 2022.