Lifelong chapters of creative episodes.

Bringing colour, joy & freedom into every buyers life, by serving my core.

Thinking 35 years back I am drawing and cutting crayoned jewellery, handing it out and gluing it to the arms and fingers of family and friends.

Going 33 years back, I am knocking door-to-door, selling my hand-made cards full of glitter and stars, with a guaranteed flower in-between. Come Weekend or Holiday, I would be back knocking on the same doors, because I knew where my customers lived.

At the age of 11, I participated in my first Entrepreneurial Market, K-TV Market Day. Do you remember that?

I wanted to be many things growing up. Aged 12, the dream was to become a Signwriter.
I’d say that aspiring career is the closest to reality.

Whilst completing my Honours Degree in Media Studies & Print Design, I enrolled for a part-time Jewellery Making Diploma.

After my studies, I started making jewellery-pieces and a clothing collection, which I sold to Shops and on order. It was never the first prize to be an employee. In my heart, at the core of my being, I have been forever making and creating.

Eventually, Big Girls with Degrees go into Corporate, because that’s what you do, right? And so the years passed.

After my Wedding, we moved to a small town which allowed for more creative freedom. I opened my Studio Doors full-time. I continued to make but needed a platform to sell. I established a Community Market, which provided a platform for Artisans and Makers to sell at quarterly events.

Three years later the City Lights were calling. Returning to the City forced me back into Corporate. Fast-track another four+ years, and I had to come to terms with my happiness. Serving my core; I had to make. On my departure, the very last question came – What are you going to do now? The short answer; I am going to focus on my products and return to my business.

It is another four years later and I am opening Shop! The kind with pink doors, which I have dreamt of for a long-long time.


Welcome to the Frei Shop.

Feel free to browse the ever-growing collection of hand-made goods, developed and produced in the Frei Studio by myself.
Not finding something you like? Let’s customise your product.

Shop the Collection.

A colourful symphony balanced with monochromatic harmony!
I believe in the power that colour speaks, but delve into the dark-side too.
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frei earrings