10 years

It was good ol Facebook who brought to my attention that Frei Design is 10 years old!

Stunned, proud and inspired I shook my head and thought – WOW, time does fly when you are having fun!  This made me think about the journey and what is to come.  I realized that there is one thing I can’t escape from – the mission to create something!  It all started back in 1997 – 21 years ago when I exhibited for the very first time at the K-TV (MNet) Market Day at the Zoo in Bloemfontein.  I was 11 years old. During my studies it started all over again. A new range of t-shirts with unique prints, embellished with buttons and lace as well as button jewellery ignited the fire.  I sold a custom collection to a quirky restaurant (now a chain business).  I needed a name for my brand and Frei Design came about whilst doodling in my diary one day.  I feel very strongly about being able to live outside my box and having freedom of expression;  words, deeds, creation, lifestyle, decision making… the list goes on!

Frei generated a small income from selling the range and later I exhibited at the Bloemfontein Arts Festival for the first time.  The rest if history.  Creating alone wasn’t enough and applying the business side to things, I started my own Artisan Market (The Malalane Market) years later.   When the Market was closed, I created things of bold colour and texture.  When there is a free moment, I create. (frei zu sein / free / freedom / design)

On the flip side it was down to business and this is where Frei started to cater to a Corporate Market. Providing a design service, conceptualizing and giving birth to multiple brands. Applying skill where ideas have hatched, shaping it into a consumable ‘thing’ for my clients.

Two things are always key;  Idea and execution = design . What do you do with these ‘things’?  Sell.

10 years, freidesign

















Here’s to 10 years & 100000 more }  building brands . creating calibre . making memories

Photo credit: Automotive Focus