Here we are in June already.

Half a year gone and the last six month stretch to go.  What an interesting time it was.

Life, showing up in all its colours.

a succulent plant with a thick fleshy stem which typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly coloured flowers. Cacti are native to arid regions of the New World and are cultivated elsewhere, especially as pot plants.”
Yes, much like that… c-a-c-t-u-s.
Thick-skinned, with the lack of some things, brilliantly capturing the change of seasons and a much needed change of he(art)…
It is time for a fresh start… praying for a better journey! Hoping for the best.
What comes up, must come down and go right up again… this is where we are – rising – to be the utmost best we can, to grow and blossom in brilliant colours  – to bear thicker skins and shed the things that was not meant for us.
Happy Winter. Happy June.
Frei love.  Remember to stay FREE.